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Wednesday, June 18, 2014
京信通信无线解决方案完成壮举 为巴西世界杯八大场馆成功实现无线覆盖  
19:06 HKT
京信通信無線解決方案完成壯舉 為巴西世界盃八大場館成功實現無線覆蓋   
19:03 HKT
Comba Telecom's Wireless Solution Scores Success Provides Comprehensive Highly Available Wireless Coverage to Eight Brazil Soccer Tournament Stadiums  
19:00 HKT
Why Chevron is Focused on Achieving Workforce Diversity and Inclusion   
17:00 HKT
16:30 HKT
New Acquisition Supports Group Lease (SET:GL) Aggressive Expansion  
16:00 HKT
Suprema Products Certified by Bureau of Indian Standards   
13:00 HKT
Endurance Responds to Aspen's Combative Position on Exchange Offer, Confirming Importance of Giving Aspen Shareholders a Voice  
07:15 HKT
06:07 HKT
06:05 HKT
中国新城市公开招股第二日 具区位优势  
06:02 HKT
中國新城市公開招股第二日 具區位優勢  
06:00 HKT
Cannes Lions Announces More Winners at Second Night of Awards  
04:00 HKT
Tuesday, June 17, 2014
Network Engineers Take Troubleshooting on the Go With SolarWinds(R) Engineer's Toolset  
20:30 HKT
How Biometrics Wins Against the Password  
20:15 HKT
パラレルス、Parallels Plesk 12 を発表  
20:00 HKT
CMGE Secured its First Global Title Sponsorship for WECG 2014 Global Grand Final in China this December  
18:20 HKT
HMA, the Biggest Ever Hospital Management Event in Asia, Happens in Cebu City, Philippines  
18:00 HKT
HKTDC Executive Director Resigns  
16:35 HKT
Smart Solutions for Smart Eco-Systems at CommunicAsia2014, EnterpriseIT2014 and BroadcastAsia2014  
16:00 HKT
일본 일렉트로 플레이팅ㆍ엔지니어스(EEJA), 독성이 높은 시안 화합물을 사용하지 않고 반도체 패키지 기판에 도금할 수 있는 무전해 치환 금도금액 제공 개시  
13:50 HKT
13:50 HKT
13:50 HKT
SPB TV to Bring Its New Revenue Generating Tools to Asia  
13:00 HKT
Cannes Lions Opens with Outstanding Content Programme  
11:00 HKT
10:00 HKT
Sophie Paris Memilih K2 untuk Merampingkan Proses Bisnis Seperusahaan  
09:40 HKT
ヴァイサラ、インキュベータ用新型 CO2プローブを発売  
09:00 HKT
06:07 HKT
06:05 HKT
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Jakarta, Sep 30 - Siloam Hospitals Group has again been honoured with Healthcare Services Provider of the Year at the Frost & Sullivan Indonesia Excellence Awards 2014. This achievement recognizes Siloam's performance as the leader in the healthcare services industry in Indonesia.
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