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Wednesday, October 7, 2020
Fujitsu, FANUC and NTT Communications Establish a Joint Venture to Accelerate Digital Transformation in Manufacturing
09:31 HKT/SGT
Tuesday, October 6, 2020
NEC and NEC X Announce First Graduate from Corporate Accelerator Program
18:06 HKT/SGT
6th Annual POWER WEEK ASIA Is Going Digital
16:55 HKT/SGT
Transgene, NEC and BostonGene Announce Strategic Collaboration for Two Ongoing Clinical Trials for Patients with Ovarian and Head & Neck Cancers
16:08 HKT/SGT
16:00 HKT/SGT
eCommerce Expo Asia to announce Premium Retail Executive Summit in March 2021
14:02 HKT/SGT
エーザイ、TLR4拮抗剤エリトランおよび抗FKN 抗体E6011を用いたCOVID-19治療薬の開発を目指す産学官共同研究開発契約を締結し、非臨床研究活動を開始
14:00 HKT/SGT
JR East, Hitachi and Toyota to Develop Hybrid (Fuel Cell) Railway Vehicles Powered by Hydrogen
13:29 HKT/SGT
Moonstake 스테이킹 총액이 본격적인 서비스 개시로부터 2개월만에 5천만달러 돌파
12:00 HKT/SGT
12:00 HKT/SGT
Moonstake's total staking asset hits $50Million - Successfully achieved in two months from the start of full-scale service
12:00 HKT/SGT
Eisai: Joint Development Agreement Aiming for Drug Discovery for COVID-19 Utilizing Eritoran and E6011 Concluded
11:07 HKT/SGT
Tianda Pharmaceuticals acquired and established a long-term relationship of Cooperation with Yeung & Young Medicare and Qi's Living
11:00 HKT/SGT
Fujitsu Develops Digital Trust Management Technology to Ensure Authenticity of Business Data
10:30 HKT/SGT
富士通、「CEATEC 2020 ONLINE」に出展
10:00 HKT/SGT
10:00 HKT/SGT
07:30 HKT/SGT
07:30 HKT/SGT
Toyota and Hino to Jointly Develop Class 8 Fuel Cell Electric Truck for North America
05:43 HKT/SGT
Monday, October 5, 2020
China Biotech Services (8037.HK) and National Institute for Viral Disease Control and Prevention (NIVDC) to develop Genetically Engineered Recombinant Vaccine for COVID-19
21:30 HKT/SGT
Roundup of Clavent's Emerge Martech Virtual Summit
20:16 HKT/SGT
中国生物科技服务(8037.HK)与中国疾控中心病毒病研究所合作 开发新一代新冠病毒基因工程重组疫苗
20:04 HKT/SGT
中國生物科技服務(8037.HK)與中國疾控中心病毒病研究所合作 開發新一代新冠病毒基因工程重組疫苗
20:02 HKT/SGT
18:04 HKT/SGT
18:02 HKT/SGT
Alaya Consulting Offers Sustainability Certification Program by GRI
18:00 HKT/SGT
Mitsubishi Power Completes Renovation of Generating Facilities at Otake Geothermal Power Station
17:56 HKT/SGT
16:00 HKT/SGT
DENSO Developed Factory-IoT Platform to Link 130 Factories
15:42 HKT/SGT
Impact BioMedical to Begin Efficacy Testing Pan-Coronavirus Vaccine Under New Wholly Owned Subsidiary Innate Immune, Inc.
15:25 HKT/SGT
15:00 HKT/SGT
田中貴金屬:以液體釕前驅物實現世界最高水準的蒸氣壓値 開發CVD與ALD用前驅物「TRuST」
13:00 HKT/SGT
田中贵金属:作为液态钌前驱物实现了世界级行业标准蒸汽压力数值 开发了CVD/ALD用前驱物“TRuST”
13:00 HKT/SGT
Hitachi Automotive Systems Stereo Camera with Nighttime Pedestrian Detection Adopted by Suzuki for their "Spacia" Series with Enhanced Safety Devices
10:51 HKT/SGT
NEC、スイスの大手金融ソフトウェア企業Avaloq社を傘下におくWP/AV CH Holdings I社の株式取得(子会社化)に関するお知らせ
10:00 HKT/SGT
다나까 귀금속 공업:액체 루테늄 전구체로 세계 최고 수준의 증기압치를 실현 CVD・ALD용 전구체 ‘TRuST’를 개발
10:00 HKT/SGT
09:40 HKT/SGT
09:30 HKT/SGT
Fujitsu Embarks on Full-Scale Launch of Ambitious DX Project "Fujitra" for Company-Wide Transformation
09:11 HKT/SGT
NEC Acquires a Leading Swiss Financial Software Company, Avaloq
08:00 HKT/SGT
06:00 HKT/SGT
Saturday, October 3, 2020
daartemis新シリーズ『金玉良言(JIN YU LIANG YAN)』デザイナー―― 張雲雷
10:00 HKT/SGT
daartemis新シリーズ『金玉良言(JIN YU LIANG YAN)』デザイナー―― 張雲雷
10:00 HKT/SGT
Friday, October 2, 2020
Poland's Largest Hybrid Battery Energy Storage System Commence Full-scale Technology Demonstration
17:20 HKT/SGT
TOYOTA GAZOO Racing Ready to Defend WRC Leadership in Sardinia
16:09 HKT/SGT
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