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Wednesday, 24 April 2019, 10:00 HKT/SGT

Source: Infinito
Top-tier DApp Blockchain Platforms ETH, EOS, ONT, and BNB Now All Supported on Infinito Wallet

SINGAPORE, Apr 24, 2019 - (ACN Newswire) - Decentralized application is one of the key trends of blockchain community. To connect this innovation with global user community, the world leading Universal Wallet scales up their App Square, making it the world's most universal DApp browser compatible with four blockchain platforms Ethereum, EOS, ONTology and Binance Chain. Infinito App Square is now the best solution for DApp providers to launch their products and unlock mass adoption.

Blockchain is rapidly growing with pioneering decentralized applications (DApps) continuously being built. These blockchain innovations serve practical needs for users worldwide, gaining huge popularity and mainstream discussion. As one of the industry's prestigious tech-provider, Infinito Wallet has launched their own built-in DApp browser, Infinito App Square to connect users with innovative and practical blockchain applications

What is decentralized application?
Decentralized applications (DApps) are open-source software operating on blockchain technology. This innovation was created with the vision to solve real world problems and to give people digital independence with its advantages over traditional applications including distributed, resilience and transparency. DApps are commonly divided into two types:
1. Web3 DApps are those can be accessed via a web browser without requiring users to download onto their devices.
2. Native apps are those run on iOS/Android. Users can conveniently install it from App Store or Google Play Store.

DApp enabling blockchains
DApp developers have the option to build applications on various blockchain platforms to meet their requirements. For example, EOS, Stellar or TRON are for those who desire great transaction volume and instant transaction confirmation. While Ethereum - the first blockchain to enable DApp creation attracts DApp creators with active and massive global user community. Ethereum is considered the most popular base with more than 2,000 DApps existing.

Recently, well-known crypto exchange Binance.com announced the launch of their native blockchain, Binance Chain with a decentralized exchange DApp, Binance DEX, build on top of it. This proves the immense influence and value of DApps not only to blockchain developers but also users. It is promising to see more interesting applications from this blockchain.

DApp adoption solution
With a great number of DApps on the market, one significant challenge for new DApps is adoption. Being on their own, DApps will have to face difficulty in gaining traction, building brand trust, high cost of user acquisition, and lack of global presence. While DApp developers desire a gateway to bring their innovations to mass adoption, users need a safe and convenient place to interact with blockchain applications.

To match these requirements, a desirable DApp listing platform should meet the following three criteria:
- Universal: blockchain platforms supported
- Convenience for both users and DApp providers
- User community

Let's take Infinito App Square - the built-in DApp store of Infinito Wallet as an example:

Universal: blockchain platforms supported
Compatibility is the number one criterio. Infinito App Square, in this case, with support for both web-based and iOS/Android native apps from 4 leading blockchain platforms: Ethereum, EOS, ONTology, and Binance Chain, scores a 10 out of 10.

As the most universal DApp browser on the market, Infinito App Square gathers a large amount of DApps, allowing users to conveniently enjoy services from different blockchain all in one place. DApps on Infinito App Square vary from exchange crypto, fiat gateway, airdrops to games and much more. Special services customized for specific blockchains such as create EOS account or exchange ERC-20 tokens are also available on this DApp browser. All these advantages helps App Square ceaselessly expanding its user community and thus, guarantee DApps a better chance to adoption.

Convenience for both users and DApp providers
As for users, a DApp listing platform can be either a website or an application but it must be accessible. For example, by being integrated right inside Infinito Wallet, users can easily access Infinito App Square through their wallet. In addition, this allows users to conveniently and securely make payments with their assets in Infinito Wallet. Infinito App Square, thus, creates a seamless experience for DApp users from exploring to using.

On the other hand, Infinito App Square, with its universal characteristic, allows DApp creators to conveniently promote DApps built on different blockchains all in one browser. Applications published on App Square can leverage a wide range of extra advanced features such as KYC/AML or Token Veri-sign to enhance user experience and greatly boosts the app's success.

Moreover, the Infinito team also provides a development platform to help speed up and simplify your DApp development process. Infinito Blockchain Platform (IBP) has a wide variety of blockchain modules including API/SDKs, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Solutions, DApp and Smart Contract templates, and more.

User community
Regarding Infinito's vision, Infinito Wallet's Director - Mr. Jack Thang Nguyen shared: "Mass adoption for blockchain has always been our goal. Therefore, we focus on providing the best support for both blockchain development community and crypto users. Infinito Wallet and Infinito App Square will be the ultimate gateway to connect blockchain innovations with global users while providing users with pioneering services everyday!"

One of the benefits of joining one DApp listing platform is to interact with its user community. For DApp developers, Infinito App Square is the best infrastructure to launch DApps and reach out to target users internationally. By integrating into App Square, DApps can instantly approach the Universal Wallet's massive community of 60,000 global monthly active users among 400,000 downloads.

In users' perspective, participating in Infinitors community allowing them to receive technical support from the Infinito team as well as discuss and share blockchain knowledge together with other thousands of crypto holders via Infinito Wallet's official Telegram channels.

Depends on purpose, each DApp user and builder can pick a different application listing platform. One that satisfies general requirements like Infinito App Square seems to be an ultimate solution either for DApp providers to gain attraction or for blockchain enthusiasts to explore decentralized applications.

About Infinito Wallet
Infinito Wallet serves as a gateway for users to maximize usage and potentials of their cryptocurrencies. Its DApp browser, App Square, provides access to the most innovative blockchain applications for daily user needs. At the same time, Infinito supports developers and businesses with Infinito Blockchain Platform, an open blockchain infrastructure of technologies and compliant-ready services, so that they can seamlessly build, launch, and operate innovative products and services efficiently.

To become Infinito Wallet's partner or get your DApp listed on App Square, contact info@infinitowallet.io.
For business inquiry, contact info@infinito.io for more information.

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Source: Infinito

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