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Wednesday, 19 June 2019, 19:00 HKT/SGT

Source: WiMi Hologram Cloud, Inc.
WIMI Hologram AR Provides Bio-Simulation in Recreating the Underwater World

BEIJING, June 19, 2019 - (ACN Newswire) - In the animation 'PSYCHO-PASS', the heroine can change the different decoration styles of the room according to her mood every day. Now these scenarios in the science fiction animation are becoming reality. The holographic cloud AI system introduced by WIMI Hologram AR can restore the holographic underwater world, project the entire room to other worlds, and provide high simulation of AI visual biology.

Once the entire system is set up, the user can control the holographic cloud platform of the projection system with a smart phone application, and turn the entire room into a virtual space. The so-called holographic projection technology is a three-dimensional image technology that uses interference and diffraction principles to record and reproduce objects. It is a technology that produces three-dimensional images in the air.

In this era of competing creativity, the application of holographic projection in the catering industry has brought new opportunities for the traditional catering industry. A good creative design can drive the popularity of the restaurant and thus promote consumption. Throughout the market, most restaurants have the same style of private room, lacking features and highlights, and resulting in poor customer experiences and difficulties making impressions on the customer. The holographic projection is flexible in expression, and novel in imagery. The super screen formed by the stitching fusion can create a visual experience to engage an audience's attention, better activate the atmosphere and improve the rate of second glance. Therefore, holographic projection has become the choice of some forward-looking creative restaurants. In order to make the ordinary consumers better feel the magical charm of seabed creatures, WIMI Hologram AR is now moving the underwater world into everyone's home with popular holographic technology. Without leaving home, people can feel the charm of the underwater world as if like being there.

As a representative of domestic holographic enterprises, WIMI Hologram's application scenarios are mainly concentrated in five major fields: home entertainment, light field cinema, performance system, business publishing system and advertising display system. The holographic restaurant is noteworthy as an application development, WIMI Hologram in the restaurant.

For the creation of private rooms by WIMI holographic technology, the creative and attractive theme private rooms are developed flexibly according to the operating characteristics of the restaurant to meet the different needs of guests. When guest enter the room and looks at the extremely beautiful projected image in front of him, he can quickly forget about the world outside the door, as if he is in the ocean, the starry sky and the mountains. The guest can wander about unhurriedly and comfortably while tasting healthy foods, thus being relax completely.

Complying with the development trend of the catering industry, WIMI Hologram AR has independently developed a set of systematic solutions to help the bosses of major catering industry solve various problems. Taking the naked eye 3D visual feast presented by holographic technology as the core solution, it created an immersive experience to address the major problems of the catering industry: attention, entering rate and repurchase rate.

It is precisely because WIMI Hologram AR can create ultra-high simulation effects with holographic AI technology. More and more consumers are beginning to experience the technological experience brought by holographic AI. WIMI creates a dreamlike naked eye 3D stereoscopic effect. No matter the starry sky, the Milky Way, vast sea or fairy tale castle, there is only what you cannot image, nothing the technology cannot do. If you are in that environment, the immersive effect will be very strong. The 3D holography can display a visual sense of enjoying an event movie in the cinema under the common effect of the giant screen visual display and sound lighting, resulting in a very shocking effect. The effect that holographic AI technology achieves a high simulation experience. The fantasy sense of various stages and AI interaction experience are even stronger, bringing more immersion to multimedia technology.

WIMI Hologram AR has outstanding achievements in holographic AR advertising and entertainment technology, and is promoting a wider application of holographic technology in diverse industries while expanding its leading position. The company will continue to expand its reserve of high-quality holographic computer imagery, and place emphasis on the acquisition of computer imagery in entertainment and education. WIMI will continue to focus on technology research and development, including general holographic technology and client software, and enhance the ability of big data and artificial intelligence; expand the foundation of customers and partners in various industries and deepen the cooperation; and seek strategic cooperation, acquisition and investment opportunities on a global scale. It has helped the rapid development and rise of the industry, and promoted the process of global holographic digitization.

Watching bigger and better science fiction films, we feel that this is a natural turn of events. Developments in high technologies such as AR holography, robotics and AI (artificial intelligence) have enabled us to experience more or less the visual effects that make the human sensory system feel as the actual environment. With the continuous development of holographic projection technology, future applications will become more and more extensive and more perfect. Then we will really have entered the science fiction era.

For more details, please contact info@wimiar.com or visit http://www.wimiar.com/.

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Source: WiMi Hologram Cloud, Inc.

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