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Monday, 7 August 2023, 10:00 HKT/SGT

Source: LAC Global
Men in Relationship - Is Maintaining a Trim Waistline an Uphill Battle? LAC LeanCut(TM) Belli Lean and LAC Mega Maca

Singapore, Aug 7, 2023 - (ACN Newswire) - Many of us often joke about our friends when they get into a relationship, "Did you gain weight? Wow, you must be having a very loving partner now!"

The start of dating and relationships often bring forth happiness between partners, eager to shower time and love on each other. More often than not, from the times spent eating out and enjoying each other's company, men find themselves gaining weight during such wonderful times.

Furthermore, as the relationship progresses on to the next level, marriage, and children come into the picture. Suddenly, combined with a hectic work schedule, there is simply no more time for a quick run or gym sessions anymore.

As time passes, we may have noticed their jeans are running tighter, or heard them lament over feeling tired and more lethargic as compared to the past. Before we let our minds run wild – is he tired of the relationship!? – more often than not, the lack of energy is directly related to weight gain.

LAC (Leader in Antioxidative Control) offers nutritional, thoughtful gifts you can shower our men with, to combat excessive weight gain and promote healthy living through the LAC LeanCutBelli Lean and LAC Mega Maca.

Weight gain occurs when the amount of calories consumed exceeds the calories burned. With the additional food our men have to constantly finish up for us, the excess calories consumed will eventually be stored and accumulated as fat around the abdominal area. An unhealthy accumulation of belly fat puts men more at risk of health problems such as Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and colorectal cancers. Furthermore, the additional weight gained leaves them feeling more fatigued than usual, which could hamper their usual performance and focus.

LAC LeanCutBelli Lean not only aims to reduce water retention and subcutaneous fats under the skin, it can also reduce visceral fats that wrap around their organs. Offering a proprietary blend of ingredients such as Corn Silk Extract, Lemon Balm Extract, Red Vine Leaf Extract, Lotus Leaf Extract, Eucommia Leaf Extract and Medium Chain Triglycerides, LAC LeanCutBelli Lean aims to trim those stubborn inches easily and effectively.

Aside from the LeanCutBelli Lean, LAC Mega Maca is another supplement that can help our men in relieving fatigue, giving them more energy to survive the day. Containing Maca root as one of the key ingredients, this powerful and invigorating men's tonic promotes men's hormonal balance and nourishes men's vitality health, a convenient alternative for our men to increase their libido and maintain overall health.

About LAC Global

Headquartered in Singapore, LAC Global is one of Asia's largest speciality retailers in nutritional supplements, vitamins, minerals, herbal, and other speciality supplements in Anti-ageing and Beauty, Immunity, Weight Management, Sports Nutrition, and Energy.

The Company owns the LAC brand, short for Leader in Antioxidative Control, a leading health and wellness supplement brand with a global presence. Since its founding, LAC has embarked on a pioneering journey to develop scientifically based formulas, harnessing the best of eastern wisdom and western technology to fight free radicals, combat ageing brought forth by oxidative stress, and support you daily in looking, feeling, and functioning at your best. Having established a global presence since 1997, LAC's reach includes Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Philippines, China, Japan, Vietnam, Myanmar, USA, Central & South Americas, and the Middle East. Currently, there are more than 220 LAC branded stores in Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and Taiwan ROC. LAC stringently sources ingredients from around the globe, such as USA, Japan, France, Australia, New Zealand and Switzerland to ensure utmost quality, and works only with the most specialised partners in developing and manufacturing health solutions.

Its other brands include Xndo Food For Health. LAC Global is dedicated to ensuring consumers stay well, and live life to the fullest.

Website: LAC.sg
Instagram: @LACGlobalSingapore
Facebook: @LACGlobalSingapore

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Source: LAC Global

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