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Friday, 27 September 2013, 21:50 HKT/SGT

Source: 21st Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS)
Gymkhana Race War Excites Visitors at Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) 2013

JAKARTA, INDONESIA, Sept 27, 2013 - (ACN Newswire) - Every year, Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) 2013, the biggest auto show in the country, always offers automotive programs for the visitors. The programs usually take place during the weekends when the number of visitors is higher. As an alternative to the exhibitions in the indoor and semi-permanent areas, the committee has prepared another excitement on the outdoor area. In the previous years, the committee held Drift War to entertain visitors of IIMS. This year, they will be offered a different kind of 'war'.

Auto aficionados coming to this year's IIMS will enjoy 'Gymkhana Race War', the most challenging game in auto sport. Gymkhana is the new development of drifting that is modified to be more exciting, more challenging, and more attractive as a show. This new type of auto sport emphasizes on speed and accuracy elements in the track. Unlike any other auto sport, Gymkhana blends the driving skill of drifting and slalom in completing Gymkhana track with challenges like 180 degree spins, 360 degree spins, figure 8s, and other advanced skill challenges. The track used in Gymkhana Race War is measured in 43 x 35 x 70 x 54 meter. It features 4 classes which are divided based on engine capacity and wheel-drive system.

The auto sport is the new trend in several countries including Indonesia, where the wave of Gymkhana was started last year and has created several communities. However, this is the first time the race war is presented at IIMS. The program is believed to stun the audience with various actions and skill performed by professional racers participating in the program.

The regulation in Gymkhana also blends the regulations applied in Drifting and Slalom, the two auto sports with huge fans in the country. The combination of the two resulted in a tighter and more complex requirements. Besides advanced driving skill and reliable tires and vehicle, participants also need to have a good memory as they are required to memorize each track along with the obstacles.

This is due to the fact that each model and obstacle faced by participants is different from one Heat (stage) to another. Each violation (to the cone/tire/barrel) or misdirection will be penalized and affect the final result. Before reaching the final stage, each participant will have to complete 4 Heats. During the time, engine performance must be maintained at the highest level to be able to produce maximum acceleration, while the driver must maintain their physical and mental strength and endurance as well as their skill in controlling the brakes and the wheels.

The scoring in Gymkhana Race War is purely on the time element, hence 'time-attack' is the key benchmark in scoring. Other aspects such as maneuvers, sliding, and others will naturally be part of participants' performance. The Gymkhana Race War program is to be conducted for two days - on September 26 and 27.

On the first day, Alinka Hardianti, one of the international drifters from Team Toyota Indonesia, was among the participants of Gymkhana. In this event, she participated using her Toyota Yaris. After completing her round, Alinka said, "This Gymkhana is more exciting than drifting because it has more classes, more cars, and vehicles with Front Wheel Drive are allowed to participate as well. Not to mention that this is a new type of auto sport, I believe the audience will be enthusiastic to watch the show."

"In each of our auto show, the committee always tries to bring something new to entertain the audience. This year, we are featuring a new type of auto sport that we believe will interest the audience, 'Gymkhana Race War'. We hope this program will entertain loyal visitors of IIMS," explained Abiyoso Wietono, Automotive Division Manager, Dyandra Promosindo.

On yesterday's race, two people from the audience had the chance to join the action inside the car driven by Alinka Hardianti. One of them was Rena, who looked very excited to be able to join Alinka. "I swear it was tarrying as this was my first time joining such an action. Though it was scary, I felt safe as I was riding with Alinka," said Rena, with happy face.

On the second day, Gymkhana Race War, which takes place at the outdoor area, next to the Semi-Permanent Hall, will present the final stage that will be too bad to miss.

About 21st Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS)

The 21st Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS), which will be held at 19-29 September 2013, covers a total gross area of 75,000 sqm. IIMS 2013 is bigger than any other automotive exhibition in Asia Pacific, with 35 automotive brand names, and more than 275 support industries. With "Smart Vehicle Mobility" as its theme, IIMS 2013 is expected to reach a target of 380,000 visitors.

GAIKINDO (The Association of Indonesia Automotive Industry) has been hosting the automobile exhibition in Indonesia for more than 20 years. Starting in 1986, the exhibition has gone through several changes and evolved into the Indonesia International Motor Show, endorsed by OICA (Organisation Internationale des Constructeurs d'Automobiles) in 2006. For more information, please see www.indonesianmotorshow.com.

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Source: 21st Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS)

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