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  trescon Press Releases
The 39th edition of World AI Show sets a rapid pace for the adoption of AI in the Indian landscape
Dec 1, 2022 16:48 HKT
The Legacy of Ottomans returns to India with its 4th edition of India International Furniture Fair (IIFF)
Dec 1, 2022 16:35 HKT
Tech Stalwarts Set to Promote a Data-driven Kingdom in Saudi Arabia at the World Cloud & Data Center Show
Nov 24, 2022 17:03 HKT
World's Longest-Running AI Show Series Arrives in India
Nov 22, 2022 16:32 HKT
Tech Stalwarts Set to Promote a Data-driven Kingdom in Saudi Arabia at the World Cloud & Data Center Show
Nov 21, 2022 16:46 HKT
Riyadh to Host Global Fintech Experts as the Kingdom Ramps Up to Transform into a Truly Digital Economy
Nov 11, 2022 22:00 HKT
Maktoum bin Mohammed announces Dubai FinTech Summit
Nov 8, 2022 22:55 HKT
World Cloud Show hosted experts and honoured tech innovators for their constant endeavours
Oct 17, 2022 22:42 HKT
World Cloud Show - Jakarta assembled global cloud technology leaders to accelerate the cloud adoption in the region
Oct 17, 2022 09:05 HKT
The 18th edition of World Cloud Show presented an incisive analysis of Cloud and Data Centers in India.
Oct 10, 2022 16:52 HKT
Tech-titans unite to redefine the future of Cloud and Sustainable Data Centers in Dubai
Sept 26, 2022 23:30 HKT
World Cyber Security Summit in Jordan brought together global cyber security experts to tackle the battle against cyber threats
Sept 22, 2022 23:00 HKT
Cloud pioneers to redefine the parameters of emerging tech at World Cloud Show in Jakarta
Sept 20, 2022 19:38 HKT
Prospects of Qatar's Cloud Computing debated at World Cloud Show 12th edition by most prominent cloud leaders
Sept 13, 2022 18:07 HKT
Cloud leaders in India to gather and discuss the roadmap for Cloud and Data Centers
Sept 13, 2022 17:10 HKT
Leading tech professionals to virtually discuss cloud solutions and sustainable data centres in Qatar
Sept 3, 2022 13:00 HKT
Leading tech professionals to virtually discuss cloud solutions and sustainable data centres in Qatar
Sept 3, 2022 12:00 HKT
Singapore embraces untapped potential of AI at Trescon's 36th global edition of World AI Show
Aug 16, 2022 18:30 HKT
Battle against cyber threats to be addressed by cyber security visionaries at #WCSSJordan
Aug 11, 2022 15:13 HKT
India's top BFSI experts Unite to Reshape India's Banking Landscape at #TresconBFSI
Aug 9, 2022 20:42 HKT
The 37th Edition of World AI Show Addressed the Necessity of Boosting AI Adoption in Malaysia
Aug 5, 2022 17:30 HKT
36th Edition of World AI Show to Host Biggest Confluence of AI Tech, Partnerships, and Go-to-Market Strategies
Aug 2, 2022 11:02 HKT
World Blockchain Summit is going Bullish in a Bear Market
Jul 27, 2022 15:18 HKT
BFSI leaders in India are gathering to discuss the roadmap for the future of the BFSI sector in the country
Jul 25, 2022 17:00 HKT
World SD-WAN & SASE Summit Shed Light on the Need to Accelerate the Adoption of Network Infrastructure in the Middle East Region
Jul 14, 2022 19:28 HKT
Sedition joins World Blockchain Summit - Singapore as Presenting Sponsor
Jul 12, 2022 19:41 HKT
DIG joins World Blockchain Summit as Headline Sponsor
Jul 12, 2022 18:30 HKT
World Blockchain Summit (WBS) Returns to Singapore with an In-Person Event
Jun 30, 2022 16:17 HKT
Captivating Notions on Jakarta's Thriving AI Technology Vision and its Embedding Journey to Boost its AI Capabilities
Jun 14, 2022 14:47 HKT
Pudu Robotics joins World AI Show & Awards as Robotics Partner
Jun 8, 2022 18:42 HKT
Leading visionary AI Leaders to convene in Indonesia to explore the potential of AI and RPA
Jun 5, 2022 23:26 HKT
The 11th Edition of the Big CIO Show & Awards was Convened by CIOs to Broaden the Horizons of Leadership
Jun 2, 2022 16:20 HKT
nybl Joins World AI Show & Awards as The Official Artificial Intelligence Partner
May 22, 2022 09:07 HKT
GfK Joins World AI Show & Awards as a Gold Sponsor
May 18, 2022 23:10 HKT
The Private Office of Sheikh Saeed Bin Ahmed Al Maktoum joins World AI Show & Awards -- Dubai
May 12, 2022 14:37 HKT
Happiest Minds joins 35th global edition of World AI Show & Awards in Dubai
May 9, 2022 22:15 HKT
The 7th edition of World CX Summit shed light on the need to accelerate the adoption of CX in India
May 9, 2022 16:00 HKT
Enterprise Bot joins World AI Show & Awards as Platinum Sponsor
Apr 28, 2022 15:17 HKT
Top CX Visionaries to Gather at World CX Summit and Rebuild India's Technological Ecosystem with CX
Apr 22, 2022 18:52 HKT
World Blockchain Summit (WBS) Breaks New Grounds with its 22nd Global Edition in Dubai
Apr 20, 2022 21:42 HKT
Top Data and Analytics Players from ASEAN to Assemble for the 3rd Global Edition of World Data & Analytics Show
Apr 13, 2022 23:48 HKT
CyberSecurity Malaysia Joins World Cyber Security Summit - ASEAN as a Supporting Partner
Apr 13, 2022 22:18 HKT
Tech Pioneers Gather at World Cyber Security Summit - ASEAN
Apr 4, 2022 14:53 HKT
Thought Leaders and Early Adopters of AI to Share Insights at the 35th Global Edition of #WorldAIShow Dubai
Mar 31, 2022 21:12 HKT
World Blockchain Summit - Dubai 2022 to decipher and advance blockchain and crypto economy in the region
Mar 10, 2022 22:44 HKT
Top CX Leaders to Explore the Potential of CX, and Enlighten Businesses in the ASEAN Market
Mar 8, 2022 23:30 HKT
Trescon to gather experts from Cisco and many more to convene at The Address, Dubai Mall, and share the latest in SD-WAN & SASE
Mar 7, 2022 14:44 HKT
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